• Models Wanted

    Models Wanted

    Would you like to contribute to my website and Instagram content? I will offer you a 50% discount if you are happy for me to take pictures or short videos to promote my business. Please, contact me for details.

  • Massage Vouchers

    Massage Vouchers

    You can now purchase a massage voucher, to treat someone you love to a special gift. Choose a massage or a treatment duration and get a voucher to attach to a Birthday card, Christmas card, Anniversary card, “Thank you” card, “I love you” card, etc. The person receiving it will then book with me at…

  • Have you checked my instagram?

    Have you checked my instagram?

    Find out what I am doing or where I am working today, read my latest reviews and be the first to know about last minute availability, cancellations and special offers! Also, have a look at one on my cooking creations and find out more about me, on a more personal and informal level. Share your…

  • knot or not ?!

    knot or not ?!

    It’s not your fault, therapists have used this word forever and now it has become part of our dictionary, but can our muscles actually have a knot? Quick answer is NOT (pun intended), but let’s look into it… “Knots” are not a problem or a form of injury. It’s simply the result of bad habits,…

  • Sports Massage vs Swedish massage

    Sports Massage vs Swedish massage

    Most people practicing sport, like running or cycling, think that what they need is a Sports Massage, but this is not true for everybody. There’s a fine line between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, whilst Sports Massage can include stretching techniques, focused on injury related discomfort. Swedish Massage is generally designed for relaxation, stress…

  • Story of my logo

    Story of my logo

    I have always had a passion for photography and one summer morning, on a walk between the woods and the fields, something caught my eye… A beautiful roe deer was looking at me and decided to show me his jumping skills, giving me the opportunity to catch a beautiful shot of his leap in the…