Enjoy a relaxing massage treatment in the comfort of your home.

Giovanni’s Mobile Massage

A wonderful, deeply restoring massage. Giovanni really understands both the physical and energetic bodies and creates a safe space for deep relaxation. Highly recommend“.

My deluxe massage table.
Client’s home set up.
Spa in your own home.
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massage Treatment in your home


1. Book, contact me to arrange a date and time for a treatment of your choice.

2. Get ready, find a place in your home where I can set up my massage table (living room, kitchen, spare room, garden office, etc.). I might ask you to use a toilet to wash my hands before and after the treatment.

3. On my first visit, I will ask you to fill out a consultation form with your details and some information regarding your personal health, to make sure that you don’t need medical advice and we are good to go (*).

4. Before my arrival, make sure other people in the house know that you are about to have time for yourself and no noise or distraction will spoil it.

5. During the treatment, undress to your level of comfort (ideally down to your underwear) and make sure you take off any jewellery. I will set the table with a clean luxury cotton cover and sheet, you will need a towel or gown to cover yourself with before and after the treatment.

6. Atmosphere, I will put on some ambient relaxing music, unless you have your own playlist or you prefer silence. Drawing curtains and having low light will make it even more relaxing. You will have a range of oils to choose from, depending on your skin or aroma preferences (I only use good quality, natural and cruelty free pre-blended oils).

7. After the treatment, I will leave the room and let you take your time to get up, make yourself comfortable and get a big glass of water.

8. Payment, I will send an invoice with my bank details straight to your email address.

(*) General Data Protection – Nobody apart from me has access to this information. I use your name, address and date of birth to identify you. I use your phone number and/or email address to contact you about your appointments and treatment. Medical, health and lifestyle information are all used to ensure I give you a safe and appropriate treatment. Client Registration forms and treatment records are all kept in paper format in a locked cabinet.

Let other people know what you think

“Very relaxing massage from Giovanni, he was very friendly and professional, would highly recommend”.

Nicole, 20-25

“Absolutely amazing massage – the best in many years! So charming and so accommodating to my needs”.

Sarah, 40-45

“I was having a stressful day in my home office but the massage reversed the stress and as a result revived the day and the evening. My wife is also very busy running her own business and she also felt relaxed for the remainder of the day and evening”.

Anthony and Jade, 35-40