treatments available

Before every session we will discuss your needs and tailor your massage specifically for you.

Neck, Back and shoulders

Targeting areas of discomfort caused by office work, poor posture or tension.

full body swedish massage

For complete relaxation, stress relief and general sense of well-being.

deep tissue Massage

Focused on areas of pain or overworked muscles for faster recovery.

face and head

Rejuvenating skin cleansing and relaxing facial massage. Great add on for a total relaxation.

pregnancy massage

Featuring the Anna Pillow (, which allows you to lie down on your front.

Scar Tissue massage

Treating Caesarean, Hysterectomy and Mastectomy scars, to ease discomfort and help recovery.

post natal massage

Relaxing treatment, providing physical and emotional support during recovery after childbirth.

children massage

Relaxing treatment, to help with anxiety issues, boost their immune system and help them grow.

spa party

Dedicated to couples and small groups, to spend some relaxing and pampering time together.